The next decade is will bring about the most basic advance in knowledge in 300 years

Whether or not sensations are innate is the most basic issue underlying theories of knowledge. Roger Sperry (1952) noted that the physical information from the peripheral nervous system (PNS) to the central nervous system (CNS) is like a “common currency” and as such is devoid of qualitative attributes. He concluded that qualitative attributes are elicited […]

Advent of the microprocessor-based user-dedicated computer

In 1969, a new company, Computer Terminal Corporation (CTC) of San Antonio, Texas, contacted the Wall Street firm of Philips, Appel & Walden (PAW) seeking to raise $4 million through an initial public offering (IPO). PAW asked me to visit CTC and evaluated its technology. In that visit, I conveyed to Austin (Gus) Roche, the […]

Hod Lipson

  We used to refer to consciousness as ‘the C-word’ in robotics and AI circles because we’re not allowed to touch that topic,” he said. “It’s too fluffy, nobody knows what it means, and we’re serious people so we’re not going to do that. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s almost one of the […]

The prospect of controlling future human evolution

Biotechnology. Biotechnology now makes it possible to control future human evolution. This is the most important development in human history. It also proves that history is unidirectional. For this reason, the use of the past as a guide for the future is likely to have adverse consequences. A possible scenario. The strife among world powers […]

Philosophy, Gene Editing and The Next Phase of Human Evolution

We can now control future human evolution. It is the most far-reaching technological development since humans branched from other primates some six million years ago. There does not exist at present a conceptual framework with which to address this (or any other) long-term global issue. Typically, any long-term global issue is a looming disaster. Consider […]

Some notes relating to the forthcoming publications of the revised The New Foundation of Knowledge (2017)

A. Philosophy A1. The current state of affairs. Philosophy is the most basic and most troubled field of knowledge. Present-day knowledge is still based on assumptions about human nature that are now known to be false, that were introduced some 300 years ago. These assumptions underlie normative disciplines, including ethics, law, politics and economics. As […]