Two related patents for sale (Identifying the NCC)

In 2001 I filed with the United States Patent Office a patent application for concepts and methods for identifying brain cells that determine the qualitative aspect of simplest sensations. It resulted in two granted patents.

The first patent, Number 7,680,602 titled Concepts and methods for identifying brail correlates of elementary mental states was granted in 2010. It involves identifying locus-specific cells that determine the qualitative aspect of the simplest sensations. The second patent, Number 8,112,260 titled Methods for identifying protein specificity of brain cells that evoke a given mental state that does not contain smaller constituents was granted in 2012. It involves identifying methods for identifying the unique protein specificity of the so-identified cells.

The three basic tenets on which the patents are based are:

  1. The simplest sensations are innate and are evoked by the brain.
  2. Their qualitative aspects are determined by locus-specific cells.
  3. The primary determinant of the intrinsic function of a cell is its proteome.

I review the involved conceptual framework in The New Foundation of Knowledge (2017).  

I am now offering these two patents for sale. I would be willing to provide, for a time, consulting on how these patents can be the basis for additional related patent applications.

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