This decade

  Response to most pressing matters often leaves no time for attending the most important ones. Let’s take a break. The pandemic will await our return.   Revised, Pre-edited A. Science, technology and philosophy A1 Science. C. P. Snow, in Two Cultures (1958) noted that the role of science in society is central. He then […]

Interoception and the foundation of knowledge

  Pre-edited   A. Introduction A1 Consciousness. Consciousness is the most important and most troubled knowledge area. It is addressed below. The initial focus is on interoception. A2 Mental faculties A2.1 Interoception. Hunger, thirst and other sensory modalities by which a person is directly aware of an internal state of the body. A2.2 Awareness. Awareness […]


  Philosophy is the widest scope knowledge area. However, the philosophical community, by and large, is still the prisoner of centuries-old misconceptions. These misconceptions are toxic: scientists must narrow their focus; hence, their consensus-based philosophy is outdated. Consequently, updating the foundation of knowledge is now the most important and most urgent challenge confronting humanity.

Neural Prostheses for the Born Blind and Philosophy

Neural prostheses that have been developed for children who became deaf elicit sensations of sound also in the born deaf.  This fact is a conclusive proof that the experienced sound is innate and not a property of air vibration.  Similarly, I expect that the same would be demonstrated for vision next decade, perhaps as early […]

The prospect of controlling future human evolution

Biotechnology. Biotechnology now makes it possible to control future human evolution. This is the most important development in human history. It also proves that history is unidirectional. For this reason, the use of the past as a guide for the future is likely to have adverse consequences. A possible scenario. The strife among world powers […]

Philosophy, Gene Editing and The Next Phase of Human Evolution

We can now control future human evolution. It is the most far-reaching technological development since humans branched from other primates some six million years ago. There does not exist at present a conceptual framework with which to address this (or any other) long-term global issue. Typically, any long-term global issue is a looming disaster. Consider […]