Philosophy, the microprocessor and the next phase in information technology

  Daniel Alroy    A.          Philosophy has problem-solving power While I was a philosophy student at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, I found that philosophy, like mathematics and the scientific method, provides top-down knowledge to any given basic science which is not obtainable by bottom-up reasoning […]


  Daniel Alroy Pre-edited Current science shows that we possess innate elementary sensations, emotions and cognitive function. Some 300 years ago John Locke introduced a theory of knowledge based on the denial of this fact, concluding that the mind of the newborn is like a blank slate (tabula rasa). This factually false tabula rasa […]

Neural Prostheses for the Born Blind and Philosophy

Neural prostheses that have been developed for children who became deaf elicit sensations of sound also in the born deaf.  This fact is a conclusive proof that the experienced sound is innate and not a property of air vibration.  Similarly, I expect that the same would be demonstrated for vision next decade, perhaps as early […]